Leakator Jr Combustible Leak Detector

Leakator Jr.

Measuring only 6 inches in length with a 12-inch flexible probe, Bacharach's Leakator Jr. is a low maintenance, easy-to-use portable combustible gas leak detector that is capable of pinpointing large and small leaks quickly with absolutely no calibration required. The Leakator Jr. is ideal for pinpointing combustible gas leaks; testing appliances in commercial, residential, and industrial applications; surveying gas pipelines; and inspecting valves, regulators, and meters on gas equipment.

Features & Benefits

Gases Detected

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
19-7075 LEAKATOR Jr., including flexible 12 inch probe for combustible gases and vapors, instruction manual, sensor, cloth case, and batteries
19-0575 Replacement sensor
19-0576 Replacement sensor cover
19-0577 Replacement battery door

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