Hi-Flow Natural Gas Leak Rate Measurement

Hi Flow® Sampler The Hi Flow® Sampler is designed to measure the rate of gas leakage around various pipe fittings, valve packings, and compressor seals found in natural gas transmission, storage, and compressor facilities. This is accomplished by sampling at a very large flow rate (8 to 10 SCFM) to completely capture any gas leaking from the component. Then by accurately measuring the flow rate of the sampling stream and the natural gas concentration, it is possible to calculate the rate of the gas leak.

We at Bacharach are very excited about our partnership with the Gas Technology Institute in the commercialization of their patented Hi Flow Sampler. Many changes and enhancements have been made from the original instrument including: intrinsic safety; data logging, and instantaneous leak-rate display just to name a few.

Why Use the Hi Flow Sampler?


Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine Distribution

Heath Consultants Inc. of Huston TX is the exclusive distributor of the High Flow Sampler in Russia, Belarus, and the Ukraine.

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
55-8020 Complete Hi Flow Sampler Assembly, including backpack, two rechargeable battery packs, battery power supply and charger, 6 ft hose assembly, and an assortment of attachments for capturing the entire gas leak.
55-8002 Calibration Kit, including on-demand regulator, 3 ft of tubing, calibration hose adapter, and female quick connect fitting.
55-0060 Calibration Gas, 100% methane
51-1121 Calibration Gas, 2.5% methane
55-0270 Calibration Gas, zero air
55-8000 Flow Meter

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