XwandŽ Brownfield Testing HVOC Soil Analyzer

Soil Analyzer A streamline method for Brownfield testing. Fast! Easy! Accurate and Economical!
The only HVOC analyzer for lab, field, and survey use!
Offers onsite analysis so your cost of use is low!

This portable, hand-held instrument rapidly distinguishes Halogenated Volatile Organic Compounds (HVOC's) in soil and water.

The X-WandŽ is a new screening technology to measure halogenated volatile organic compounds (HVOC's) in the field. The X-WandŽ is used following ASTM D7203-06: Standard Test Method for Screening TCE - Contaminated Media Using a Heated Diode Sensor.

In addition to the demonstrated utility for field screening soil and water, the X-WandŽ can be used in the laboratory to determine which of two very different GC/MS analysis methods should be used to determine HVOC's in soil samples. This is an important time and cost saving issue for analytical laboratories.

X-WandŽ Kit Includes:


Ordering Information

Part Number Description
0106-0308 Calibration Gas 220 ppm TCE - 48 liters
0106-0309 Calibration Gas 22 ppm TCE - 48 liters
3015-4685 Digital Barometer/Temperature Gauge
3015-4686 Digital Scale
3015-4687 Tedlar Gas Sample Bags
0106-5457 250 ml Septa Jar
3015-0131 Battery Charger
3015-0486 Sensor

X-WandŽ Accessories

Part Number Description
3015-4700 X-WandŽ HVOC Analyzer includes battery charger and manual
3015-4705 X-WandŽ Kit
3015-4989 X-WandŽ Calibration Kit
3015-5010 X-WandŽ Deluxe Kit includes X-WandŽ Kit and Calibration Kit

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