R1000  Programmable Logic Controller

S940 R1000 Programmable Logic Controller (complete with operating interface, software & datalogging).
PLC data logging software supplied Centralised control from the PLC or decentralised control from individual monitors Specialised application specific software is available on request.

Code Description
R1001 Extension Mode
R1002 I/O Module - 6 Analog Outputs IO-A14-AO2
R1003 I/O Module - 16 Relay Outputs IO-RO16
R1004 I/O Module - 16 Relay Outputs IO-RO6X
R1005 I/O Module - 8 Relay Outputs IO-RO8
R1006 I/O Module - 16 Digital Inputs IO-DI16
R1007 I/O Module - 8 Digital Inputs, 4 Relay Outputs IO-DI8-RO4
R1008 I/O Module - 8 Digital Inputs, 8 Transistor Outputs IO-DI8-TO8

* for information on additional modules, contact technical@aeroqual.com

Sensor Head Spec. sheethgm300.pdf