Monoxor II CO Analyzer

Monoxor II A hand-held instrument designed to locate CO in ambient air as well as stack gases.

Bacharach 's Monoxor II is a continuous sampling instrument that quickly and accurately measures levels of CO between 0 and 2,000 ppm. The Monoxor II has a stainless steel probe with four feet of tubing to sample CO found in flue gases of residential furnaces, combustion appliances, commercial and industrial boilers.

With the addition of the Breath Analysis Module (BAM) to the Monoxor II, it becomes a powerful tool in determining the presence and level of CO in the bloodstream. The Monoxor II is also available in a high range version (0 -85,000 ppm) for vehicle emissions testing and forklift tuning.


Features & Benefits

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
19-8004 Monoxor II CO Analyzer with case
19-8014 Monoxor II with CO Breath Analyzer Module
19-8011 CO Breath Analysis Module kit
19-8015 Monoxor II High Range (0-85,000 ppm)
24-0519 CO sensor
19-3076 Probe and hose assembly
19-0441 Adjustment screwdriver
11-0121 Filtering material (for water trap)
24-7059 Calibration kit (without CO gas)
24-0492 CO Gas Cylinder,500 ppm (for use with 24-7059)
51-1994 CO Gas Cylinder,100 ppm (for use with 24-7059)
24-0891 Bent Probe Adapter
19-8012 BAM Replenishment kit, 30 mouthpieces, 30 balloons and 10 filter disks
19-0435 BAM Mouthpiece &balloon,1 each per pkg.
19-0431 Filter disks
19-0444 RFI Protective Pouch
19-8022 Probe & hose repair kit

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