Models 2810, 2815 and 2820 CO2 Analyzers

CO2 Monitor 2810

The 2810 & 2815 are the ideal instruments for IAQ (indoor air quality) surveys, ventilation verification, food processing/packaging, mushroom farms, fermentation and carbonation processes, leak detection for bulk and high-pressure CO2 systems.

The 2820 is ideal for laboratories to test the CO2 levels of incubators, soil gas analysis, agriculture and horticulture applications.

Bacharach 's CO2 Analyzers 2810, 2815 & 2820 are compact and lightweight, and provide fast and accurate CO2 measurements. All instruments use a maintenance free dual wavelength pressure and temperature compensated sensor. The 2810 monitors the surrounding air by diffusion, while the 2815 & 2820 have a powerful internal pump for extracting samples and come with a flexible rubber probe and water trap. All instruments feature built in data-logging for storing gas readings in memory, which can later be downloaded to a personal computer via its integral IrDA communications link and the optional BACH-COM software.

Features & Benefits

Ordering Information

Part Number Description
19-8023 CO2 Analyzer 2810
19-8025 CO2 Analyzer 2820 with pump, sample tube & water trap
19-8028 CO2 Analyzer 2815 with pump, sample tube & water trap
19-3301 BACH-COM Communications Software Package
19-3302 In-Car Charger
19-3303 Earphone
19-3304 Protective Boot
19-3311 Plastic Carrying Case
19-8027 Calibration Kit
24-1125 Calibration Gas (340 ppm CO2), 17L (2810 & 2815)
24-1126 Calibration Gas (5% CO2),17L (2820)
24-1130 Calibration Gas (2500 ppm CO2) 17L (2810 & 2815)
23-4003 Calibration Gas (100% N2) 17L (2820)

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