Model 3010 N20 Analyzer

Model 3010 N20 Analyzer

A cost-effective monitoring solution for anesthetists, doctors, nurses and technicians who work in environments where there is an occupational risk of exposure to Nitrous Oxide, including hospital operating and recovery rooms, medical clinics, surgical centers, and dental and veterinary offices.

Bacharach's N2O Monitor 3010 is an affordable and lightweight personal Nitrous Oxide gas monitor that continuously measures and rapidly detects occupational exposure to N2O.

Weighing only 8 ounces, the N2O Monitor 3010 is a versatile instrument that performs risk assessments, area monitoring, personal monitoring and leak detection in environments where there is a risk of exposure to anesthetic agents. It measures in 5 PPM increments and features both PPM and TWA measurement capabilities, which can be accessed with just a touch of a button. Two modes of TWA are available - real time (over 8 hours) and elapsed time (time unit is switched on). A built-in data-logger provides traceable readings for record keeping purposes. The N2O Monitor 3010 also includes an internal sampling pump. And, it is not necessary to span or calibrate the monitor - zeroing in fresh ambient air or with nitrogen is all that is necessary.

Downloading of stored data to a personal computer is accomplished via the instrument's integral IrDA communications link and the optional BACH-COM software.

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Ordering Information

Part Number Description
19-7109 N2O Monitor 3010
19-3301 BACH-COM Software
19-3302 In-car charger
19-3303 Earphone
19-3311 Plastic Carrying Case
19-3304 Protective Boot
19-8027 Calibration Kit (with regulator & tubing)
23-4003 Calibration Gas (100% N2O 17L)

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