Model 2800 Personal Safety Analyzer

CO2 Monitor 2800

The Bacharach CO2 Monitor 2800 is a personal detection and warning device that immediately responds to excessive amounts of carbon dioxide.

This versatile instrument will provide detection capability for workers in many industries including agriculture, horticulture, nuclear power plants, food processing and the beverage industry.

The Bacharach CO2 monitor is based on the principle of infrared absorption and has two preset alarm levels at 5,000 ppm and 10,000 ppm. When either of these levels is reached, audible and visual alarm signals are activated, sounding until the CO2 level drops below the lowest pre-set level. These preset alarm levels can be changed using the instrument's integral IrDA communications link and the optional BACH-COM software.

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Part Number Description
19-7101 CO2 Monitor
19-3301 BACH-COM Communications Software Package

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