HGM300/HGM300   Multi Zone Refrigerant/Ammonia

HGM/300 Multi Zone Refrigerant/Ammonia

The HGM300 / AGM300 Multi-Zone Refrigerant Monitor, and the RDM-800 / ADM-800 Remote Display Module combine to provide a multiple refrigerant gas and multiple area monitoring system for low level continuous monitoring of CFC, HCFC, HFC, and ammonia refrigerant gases.



HGM300 / AGM300 - Multiple refrigerant gas and multiple area monitor. May be used "stand alone" or combined with other HGM300 /AGM300 units reporting to the RDM-800 / ADM-800 remote display.


Measuring Range:

Inputs: 4 points standard, expandable to 16 points in 4 point increments
Output Signal: 4-20 mA DC (optional)
Detector Type: Non-dispersive infrared
Sensitivity: All gases 1 ppm
Accuracy: All gases 10 ppm from 0 to 100 ppm, 10% of reading from 100 to 10,000 ppm

Front Panel Display:

Response Time: 5 to 120 seconds, depending on tube length and gas concentration
Max. Monitoring Distance: Up to 500 feet from measuring point to monitor
Operating Temperature: 32 to 113 F (0 to 45 C)
Power: 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Size/Weight: 17" x 12" x 5.5" / 15 lbs (may be wall or rack mounted)

Additional Product Informationhgm300.pdf