Gas Pup Natural Gas Leak Detection & Pressure Measurement

Gas Pup As dependable and efficient as a good hunting dog, the Gas Pup does the job of two monitors in one ultra-compact tool. Employing easy-to-use automatic calibration and a single catalytic bead sensor, this state-of-the air instrument not only sniffs out gas leaks, but also measures pressure.

Features and Benefits


Ordering Information

Part Number Description
55-8000 Gas Pup with Hand-Held Gas Probe and Pressure Hose
55-3001 30" Plastic Bar Hole Probe
3474-1210 30" Aluminum Bar Hole Probe
3474-1110 30" Fiberglass Bar Hole Probe
55-0038 Pressure Hose Assembly with 1/8" Quick Disconnect Socket
55-0072 Service Line Pressure Testing Kit: Includes tubing, tee fitting with tire-valve port, quick connect fittings, and 1/8" NPT socket
55-0044 Soft Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap
55-0039 Hard ABS Plastic Carrying Case
55-8002 Calibration Kit (gas not included)
51-1121 Calibration Gas, 2.5% Methane in Air, 103 L
55-0060 Calibration Gas, 100% Methane, 58 L
51-1816 Calibration Gas, 500 ppm Methane in Air, 103L
51-7131 Calibration Gas, 20.9% O2 in Air, 103L
103-5386 Quick Connect Socket, 1/4" NPT
103-5396 Quick Connect Socket, 1/8" NPT
55-0040 Gas Sensor
55-0045 Inlet Filter, for instrument (package of 2)
5500-7100 Foam Filters, for probe (box of 10)
5500-7400 Charcoal Filters, for probe (box of 10)
55-0063 Water Trap / Filter Assembly
07-1644 Replacement Filter for Water Trap/Filter Assembly (package of 3)

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