Gas Hunter Natural Gas, O2, CO & Pressure Measurement

Gas Hunter The Gas Hunter is a versatile instrument capable of measuring levels of combustible gas, O2, CO, and pressure.

In the field, the Gas Hunter does the job of seven individual instruments to optimize technician efficiency in leak survey operations and customer service calls. It is able to sniff out combustible gases from part per million levels to 100% by volume through auto-ranging. But there's more. The Gas Hunter is also able to measure the levels of %O2 and ppm CO, and measure pressure in the range of 0.0 to 27.7 inH2O.



Ordering Information

Part Number Description
55-8001 Gas Hunter with Kit includes: 4' polyurethane coiled hose with 10" aluminum probe assembly, 3 'AA' Alkaline batteries, methane/pressure reference card and 2 inlet filters.
55-3001 30" Plastic Bar Hole Probe
3474-1210 30" Aluminum Bar Hole Probe
55-0063 Water Trap / Filter Assembly for barholing applications
07-1644 Replacement Filter for Water Trap/Filter Assembly (package of 3)
55-0045 Inlet Filter, for instrument (package of 2)
5500-7100 Foam Filters, for probe (box of 10)
5500-7400 Charcoal Filters, for probe (box of 10)
55-8005 Flue Probe Assembly with sample and draft lines, a water trap / filter assembly and quick connect fittings
55-0038 Pressure Tubing Assembly with 1/8" Quick Disconnect Socket
55-0087 Soft Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap
55-0039 Hard ABS Plastic Carrying Case
55-8002 Calibration Kit (gas not included)
55-0068 Calibration Gas, 2.5% Methane, 100 ppm CO, 18.5% O2 in Nitrogen, 103 L
55-0060 Calibration Gas, 100% Methane, 58 L
51-1121 Calibration Gas, 2.5% Methane in Air, 103 L
51-7131 Calibration Gas, 20.9% O2 in Air, 103L
55-0040 Combustible Gas Sensor
54-7001 Oxygen Sensor
54-7003 Carbon Monoxide Sensor

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