AQM Series

S940 The AQM Series is a multi-gas monitor capable of delivering high quality data for up to six gases in ambient air environments. The system can be integrated with other components including communications, solar power, particulate monitors, anemometers and weather stations. Sensors are calibrated for specific environmental or industrial air quality applications. Low power and spatial requirements allow the unit to be portable or deployed unobtrusively in urban areas or in remote sites.



General Specifications

Power 24 VDC, 1A
Sensors Gas sensitive semi-conductor (GSS)
(Up to 6 sensors can be configured) Ozone 0 - 150 ppb; 0 - 500 ppb
Nitrogen dioxide 0 - 200 ppb
Carbon monoxide 0 - 50 ppm
Sulphur dioxide 0 - 10 ppm
Hydrogen sulphide 0 - 10 ppm
0 - 50 ppm; 0 - 500 ppm
VOC 0 - 50 ppm; 0 - 500 ppm
Halogenated hydrocarbons 0 - 500 ppm
Carbon dioxide (NDIR) 0 - 2000 ppm
Other gases and ranges subject to availability
Zero air scrubber internal unit Activated carbon and alumina adsorbent
Communications RS232 or RS485 Data polling or pushing
Zero calibration Programmable time interval or external activation
Pump Brushless DC rotary
Sample gas line materials PFA teflon, PTFE, kynar
Connections Air inlet
Air exhaust
3 mm kynar barb
3 mm kynar barb
4-way M12 female
DB 9 female
Enclosure Rating
IP66; NEMA 4
Polycarbonate and stainless steel
361 x 254 x 165 mm
Weight < 10kg
Approvals Part 15 of FCC Rules
EN 61000-6-3: 2001
EN 61000-6-1: 2001

Additional Product Informationhgm300.pdf

Sensor Head Spec. sheethgm300.pdf