Model 6803   Thermo-Anemometer

Model 6803 Thermo-Anemometer


Ranges Air Velocity Probe AP275: 40 to 7800FPM (0.2 to 40.00MPS)
Probe AP100: 60 to 6800FPM (0.3 to 35.00MPS)
Temperature (using either air velocity probe head)
Temperature (Using separate temperature Probe)
-22 to 212F (-30 to 100C)

-139 to 392.0F (-95.0 to 200.0C)
Accuracy Air Velocity
1% of reading 1 digit
0.3% of reading 1 digit
Resolution Air Velocity
1 FPM or 0.01 MPS
0.1F or C (1F below -99.9F)
Display   0.5" 4 digit LCD display
Operating Temp. Instrument
Probe Heads
32F to 125F (0C to 50C)
-22F to 212F (-30C to 100C)
Power Supply 2 AA alkaline batteries (Eveready E91)
Battery Life Approximately 200 hours
Battery Check Automatic low battery display
Dimensions Instrument
Probe AP275
Probe AP100
7.1" x 3.0" x 0.8"
2.75" diameter
1.0" diameter
Weight 8 Ounces with batteries
Optional Ni-Cad rechargeable battery and charger PN CG-4
Additional air velocity probe PN APT100/APT275
Extra extension rods PN 5001
Extra flexible rods PN 5002
6802 extension cable PN 3837
Separate temperature only probes: PT201T Immersion Probe, PT202T Air Probe, PT203T Surface Probe
Unit Includes 1 pc. vane type probe head, your choice of either AP275 or AP100
2 pcs. Extension rods PN 5001 and 1 pc. with handle grip PN 5003
1 pc. flexible rod PN 5002
1 pc. 5' connecting cable PN 3836 note: cable attached to AP100 probe
2 pcs. AA 1.5V alkaline batteries PN 3309
1 pc. Carrying Case PN 6004

*NOTE: When 6802 displays symbols "CUBIC" and "MPS," the units of measurement are CMH, not CMS.