Model 6802   Digital Anemometer

Model 6802 Digital Anemometer Model 6802 (Digital Anemometer) is a versatile instrument for measuring air velocity and calculated air volume flow. Special features include the ability to switch between Cubic Feet Per Minute (CFM) and Cubic Meters Per Hour (CMH) or between Feet Per Minute (FPM) and Meters Per Second (MPS). This includes a hold/reset button so that the display can be frozen when recording readings. Also, the unit can indicate average, minimum, and maximum readings. This instrument is a must for anyone in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry. Specific applications include environmental, paint booths, air balancing, and many others where accurate air velocity, temperature, and relative humidity measurements are essential.



Ranges Air Velocity Probe AP275: 40 to 7800FPM (0.2 to 40.00MPS)
Probe AP100: 60 to 6800FPM (0.3 to 35.00MPS)
Calculated Air Volume Flow 2.83 l/min 0.0 to 9999 ft3/min (CFM) or 0.0 to 9999 m3/hr (CMH)
Accuracy Air Velocity 1% of reading 1 digit
Resolution 1 FPM or 0.01 MPS
Display   0.5" 4 digit LCD display
Operating Temp. Instrument
Probe Heads
32F to 125F (0C to 50C)
-4F to 210F
Power Supply 2 AA alkaline batteries (Eveready E91)
Battery Life Approximately 300 hours
Battery Check Automatic low battery display, battery capacity readout at startup
Dimensions Instrument
Probe AP275
Probe AP100
7.1" x 3.0" x 0.8"
2.75" diameter
1.0" diameter
Weight 8 Ounces with batteries
Optional Ni-Cad rechargeable battery and charger PN CG-4
Additional air velocity probe PN APT100/APT275
Extra extension rods PN 5001
Extra flexible rods PN5002
6802 extension cable PN 3835
Unit Includes 1 pc. vane type probe head, your choice of either AP275 or AP100
3 pcs. Extension rods PN 5001 and 1 pc. with handle grip PN 5003
1 pc. flexible rod PN 5002
1 pc. 5' connecting cable PN 3834 note: cable attached to AP100 probe
2 pcs. AA 1.5V alkaline batteries PN 3309
1 pc. Carrying Case PN 6004

*NOTE: When 6802 displays symbols "CUBIC" and "MPS," the units of measurement are CMH, not CMS.