Model A6113   Anemomaster

Model A004 Anemomaster

Built-in Printer
Probe Compatibility
RS-232C Terminal




Air Velocity Range
Air Temperature Range
Pressure (Option)
20 to 9840 fpm (0.10 to 50.0 m/s)
32 to 212F (0 to 100C)
-5.00 to +5.00kPa
Measuring Functions Settings

Data Storage

Display hold, time constant setting (1, 5, or 10 sec.), remaining battery life (5 steps), measuring unit setting (m/s, fpm, Celsius, Fahrenheit, kPa).
Instantaneous storage, average (over 60 sec. max.), Storage 100 max.
Maximum and minimum values, averaging, raw data display
Calendar function, air velocity bar graph display.
Outputs Digital

Analog (optional)
RS-232C (4800, 9600, 19200, 38400bps) for communication with PC.
Printing calculation results and measurements. )
DC 0 to 1V (1ch. Selected from air velocity, temp. and pressure)
Power supply 6 1.5 volt C cells (Mn, alkaline, or Ni-Cd)
Battery life 10 hours continuous operation (with alkaline batteries, at 5m/s, 20C, without printer use)
Operating Environment Main Body
41 to 104F (5 to 40C)
32 to 212F (0 to 100C)
Storing environment 41 to 104F (5 to 40C)
Weight Approx. 2.2 lbs. (Approx. 1000 g)
Dimensions 7.9" x 5.9" x 3.9" (200 x 150 x 100mm)
Standard kit 1 x operation manual, 6 x 1.5V Mn C cells, 1 x probe with 2-meter (6.6-feet) cable, 1 x extension rod, 1 x shoulder strap
Optional accessories Spare Probe, Analog Output, Pressure Measurement, Printer Paper, Communication Cable,Data Management Software (for Windows), AC Adapter