Model 3885   Condensation Nucleus Counter

Model 3885 Condensation Nucleus Counter

Cleanroom Monitoring
IC Production
HDD Testing



Operating Principle

Ultrafine airborne particle smaller than 0.1m in clean rooms, which generally cannot be detected by ordinary light-scattering particle counters, can be optically measured by condensation growth of particle through supersaturated conditions formed by compulsion mixing of sampled air and high temperature alcohol vapor. The best feature of this model is its ability of continuous monitoring of particles. Owing to larger sampling rate than previous model, it becomes possible to measure and verify the particle level within the short time, even in lean concentration environment in clean rooms. Vacuum source is located outside, so there will be no emission of dust from the instrument.


Product name Condensation Nucleus Counter
Type Sensor-Counter Isolated Type
Principle Vapor/Air Mixing Type Condensation Particle Counting
Maximun Concentration 3×106 Particles/cf (100 Particles/cc)
Sensitivity 0.01m (50% Counting Efficiency)
Measuring Accuracy 0.02m: 100% 10%
Coincidence Loss Less than 5% at 3,000,000 Particles/cf
Sampling Flow Rate 0.1CFM (2.83L/min) 10%
Flow Rate 4.2 0.4L/min (Requires external vacuum source)
Alcohol Propylene Glycol
Indicators Ready, Liquid Level, Flow, Optics, Particle
Interface RS232C or RS485
Output Output for M/P or Analog Output
Operating Environment Temperature: 20~30C (68~86F) Clean Evironment (Such as Clean Room and so on)
Dimensions 250(W) 250(H) 280(D)mm (Excludes alcohol bottle)
Weight Approx. 10Kg (22lbs)
Power Supply AC100 ~ 240 V
Accessories AC Cable, Operation Manual, Alcohol Bottle (200cc), Bottle Holder
Options Alcohol Bottle (1000cc), Bottle Holder (for 1000cc)