Model 3521   Piezobalance Dust Monitor

Model 1550/1560 Piezobalance Dust Monitor
IAQ Investigations Environmental Measurements Product Quality Control Laboratory Research

 Direct Particulate Mass Measurement in "WEIGHT" on the Piezo-Crystal.



Data logging ability allows user to log 500 samples. Simple cleaning mechanism for easy maintenance. RS232C port available as standard. Back-lit display is easy to read in poor lighting conditions.


While conventional dust meters "count" particulates, the Piezobalance dust meter "weighs" mass concentration of particulates. Data can be reviewed on-screen, printed or downloaded to a computer. Software included for easy data download and processing. Easy operation requires no special training.


As air sample enters the system, it travels through the impactor, which captures and removes larger particulates away from the sample. Smaller particulates become electrically charged and deposited on the piezo-crystal. The total mass of the deposited particulates affects the piezo-crystal's frequency. Since the change in frequency is proportional to the mass of the particulates, the actual weight of the particulates is obtained.


Measuring Object Airborn Particulate Matter < 10 µm
Measuring Range 0.02-10mg/m3
Sampling Flow Rate 1L/min
Measuring Time "Preset: 120 sec or 24 sec Manual: 10sec to 3600sec"
Accuracy +/-10% of rdg +/-1 digit
Cleaning Frequency Cleaning is required after every 10-20 measurements.
"CLEANING" will appear on the display when it needs to be cleaned.
Data Logging Max 500 date and time stamped samples
Digital Output
 (To PC or printer)
RS232C (Baud Rate 4800, 9600, and 19200)
Power Supply AC (85V-240V) or DC Ni-MH battery
Dimensions 65 x 180 x 150 mm (WxHxD)
Weight Approx. 2kg