Model 3431   Compact Dust/Aerosol Monitor

Model 3431 Compact Dust/Aerosol Monitor

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As air sample enters the system, it travels through the impactor, which captures and removes larger particulates away from the sample. Smaller particulates become electrically charged and deposited on the piezo-crystal. The total mass of the deposited particulates affects the piezo-crystal's frequency. Since the change in frequency is proportional to the mass of the particulates, the actual weight of the particulates is obtained.


Measuring Method Light Scattering Method
Measuring Object Aerosol particles, f10m or smaller
Measuring Range 0.001 – 9.999mg/m3 (1 - 9999cpm, 1cpm=0.001mg/m3 for f0.3m stearic acid particles)
Accuracy +/-10% of reading +/-1cpm (or 0.001mg/m3)
Linear Characteristics +/- 5% of reading
Measuring Time 1 minute / 3 minutes / 10 minutes with built-in timer, and continuous mode
Light Source Laser diode
Detector Photo diode
35 – 104 (5 – 40 under 85%RH
Display 4-digit LCD, dust count value (cpm), relative mass concentration value
Indicators Cleaning, measuring mode, battery status, concentration conversion operation, zero point confirmation
Output Analog output, 0 - 10,000cpm = 0 - 2.5V
Power Supply AC 100V adapter and dry cell batteries (6 x AA batteries)
Dimensions 6.4" x 2.4" x 39" (162 x 62 x 100mm) not including the nozzles
Weight 2.2 Lbs. (1kg) not including batteries
Accessories AC adapter, micro-screwdriver, alkaline dry cell batteries (6 x AA) shoulder strap
Options Carrying case, Soft case, Analog output cable